Early Childhood Education

At Little Kids School we believe that knowledge results from the child’s interaction with the environment, so all our pedagogical work is based on planned actions that allow the child to learn in a meaningful and complete way. The activities are developed from collective and individual interests, building a concrete method and allowing children to experience each learned concept in the classroom. Personal and social development are developed through the English language by exploring identity and autonomy, as well as knowledge of the world, in the fields of oral and written language, mathematics, nature and society, movement, music and arts.

The objectives to be achieved in each subject area are articulated with the contents and the evaluation criteria of elementary school, so that the transition between these teaching modalities occursas an extension of learning.

Through the dynamics of this process it is possible to understand that everything is in correlation during the development or acquisition of learning.

In early childhood education, evaluation takes placein the form of a quarterly report. Students are assessed in the areas of language, math, movement, and nature and society.

Elementary School

t Little Kids Bilingual, elementary education is structured by grades, from 1st to 5th grade.

Considering a high quality bilingual teaching, the didactic organization of the contents is achieved in an interdisciplinary fashion, where both are ellaborated in Portuguese and English implementing a differentiated approach in each discipline that fulfills the knowledge in each area.

The axes of knowledge are based on the National Curricular Parameters. The conception and practice of literacy also take place in both languages. The work begins with literacy in the mother tongue, so that the child is later literate in the English language and can thus understand and differentiate the sound relationship of both languages.

The basic education program meets the curricular parameters established by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, and as a bilingual program, language classes, science and mathematics are offered in English, which differentiates the school from a regular institution and justifies the larger course load starting from 3rd grade. That’s when students start to attend school part time three times a week and full time twice weekly.

In 1st year, evaluation takes place in the form of a quarterly report. During each period, students are evaluated in the areas of language, mathematics, and nature and society, in Portuguese and English. In elementary school, assesmenttakes place quarterly and has a formative aspect, since it accompanies the teaching-learning process and identifies successes and difficulties. This evaluation uses different instruments, dates are scheduled in the calendar and in a procedural manner, in each quarter.

From nursery to the 5th grade, the school offers immersion activities in English, based on different projects and activities, taking place during the opposite period of study. It is an optional activity where students can attend classes two to five times a week. Students enrolled in other educational institutions may participate in the program only in the morning, in order to learn English interactively.

Little Kids Didactic Material

Little Kids has developed its own teaching materials for Early Childhood Education, considering concepts such as developing concrete, interactive, experimental and playful activities in English.

Through monthly didactic sequences, children explore the various fields of experience in situations promoted by teachers while using the English language as a form of communication.

The material was designed bearing in mind the interests and abilities of each age group. It allows efficient English teaching while developing children’s cognitive, social, emotional and individual aspects.

Little Kids methodology is used by partner teaching institutions, as a bilingual project and also a curricular material. Get in touch and make your school a Little Kids affiliate!