Founded in 2006 in Curitiba, Little Kids Bilingual had a head start from the beginning, as it assured its differential by teaching children and elementary school students in two languages, English and Portuguese. Over the years, this method has proved to be effective in teaching English to children, as well as bringing a playful way of teaching and learning through our own methodology. Our objective is to ensure quality in our pedagogical work, as well as individualized support, with a maximum of 12 students in our early childhood education classrooms and 24 students in our elementary education classrooms.

Thus, we bring the feeling of uniqueness and coexistence in a distinctive way, improving educational and learning outcomes.

Our Structure

The school offers a complete and differentiated structure to meet the needs of all students:
– Classroom furniture are adapted to each age group;
– Indoor recreation space;
– Lunchroom;
– Early childhood education playground;
– Elementary education playground;
– Mini soccer court;
– Cafeteria;
– Library;
– Multimedia room;
– Indoor court; – Circus;
– Lactation room;
– Parking (Little Baby);


Little Kids caters for children from 4 months to 11 years old according to the table below:

Little Kids Baby

4 meses a 1 ano
1 – 2 anos
Toddlers 1
2 – 3 anos

Little Kids

Toddlers 2
3 – 4 anos
5 anos
6 anos
1st Year
6 – 7 anos
2nd Year
 7 – 8 anos
3rd Year
8 – 9 anos
4th Year
 9 – 10 anos
5th Year
10 – 11 anos

The Baby unit offers flexible contract to better suit the needs of each family.


Little Kids team is formed by teachers who are fluent in English and have experience in bilingual education. In Elementary School, Portuguese teachers work together with English teachers to complete a course load that is 50% in each language.